Monday, August 4, 2008

Kabonfootprint 2008 - Kabon's Footprint

Kabonfootprint 2008 joins the world SEO contest by U.K. Webmasterworld. I am female hormoned kabonfootprint contestant and I want to win this one with the help of my long tail abilities in foolowing footprints of Kabons out there. So if you are a Kabonfootprint contestant and you also want to join in here, you better be careful, a level 22 killer is out there to take your lives and kill you like a freak does in his profiler chronicles from the EUPDepartment.

The police can not do anything about the killings and they cannot find the kabonfootprint that I will leave because it is an invisible footprint and is not really intended to be seen by the naked eye. I am Kabon, a supposedly female killer of level 22 skills and will get you if you decide to join this contest so if I were you I will not allow myself to be killed by a mindless serial killer from the Kabon family. I am targetting all SEOs who will join here in the Kabonfootprint world SEO contest.

What will I use in my murders will not be revealed here but instead, I want to see how the best amongst you will find out about my tactics. I am a professional in the field of killing kabonfootprint as well as finding the long tail of kabonfootorint jockeys who ride that blog posts that I have here. I am warning you, I will trace it and I will get to you at whatever cost there is for me to do just to prove that I am really good at my work. The work of a professional kabonfootprint killer is something new to the EUPDepartment so no one will be able to help you even if you scream yourself to death.

I will find you, I will kill you and I will win this kabonfootprint SEO contest ast whatever legal and white as snow tactic that I know so be really careful of others who are out to ruin your entries and not from me, the kabonfootprint white hatter. There are those who played it gray in the last world SEO contest and this has been proven time and again so we all want to be there when the storm comes to life.

Most of all, be really careful of what you do to your entries to the kabonfootprint. Those who use malice will use malice and they make the mistake to enter my domain, it will be their end. folow kabonfootprint 2008 and save yourself from the hands of a level 22 killer on the loose - me.

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