Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Angel and John Lloyd shows chemistry in Unofficially Yours movie trailer

Angel and John Lloyd Movie - Unofficially Yours Poster
Trailer pa lang, ulam na!!! Ito at least ang inireveal ng new film flick nina Angel Locsin at John Lloyd Cruz this year, 2012. If you want to uncover a brand new presentation of this film in 2012 watch the trailer below?

In the meantime, just to reveal to you more about it, the official movie promotional photo is out as well as the official Unofficially Yours movie trailer / teaser cinema reproduce. You can watch the on-line video below. Angel Locsin and John Lloyd Cruz is cute together, I must say and this movie will surely click in the silver screen. When it hits, i'll be one of the first to fall in line to watch this new film. They suit, they harmonize and they perfectly complement each other on screen. Entire credits to movie poster to Star Cinema at www.starcinema.com.ph/.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Natural Cures: Pressure Points for people having hot flashes

Pressure Point for Curing Hot Flashes
Ever experienced hot flashes? Well, this feeling can really make you hot tempered if not handled well which in this case very few can without the help of natural remedies. These can actually comprise of different aspects. It could be by piercing needles in your body pressure points which is generally referred to or called acupuncture medicine. Another great way to administer natural remedies and treatments is by acupressure or with the use of fingers in replacement to needles. reflexology is also one but is most likely very similar to acupressure. Some would advice the use of chiropractic medicine or via a chiropractor.
Well, whichever you choose, the good thing with these types of natural pain remedies and treatments is that they don't utilize harmful chemicals you can find in most medicines that a regular medical doctor usually prescribes to patients.
Since I am looking forward to give you tips on how to cure your hot flashes, you might as well understand first what this is all about and why many women usually experience this. Well, understanding the natural flow of energy of the body, hot flashes are very common to women because it is usually a cause and case of menopause or those who are experiencing their menopausal age. If you are one which is like what I described here, then chances are, you are going to need this.
How to handle hot flashes using pressure points and acupressure:
Find in your body, what is called the Kl1 Point or "Gushing Spring". Do note that the KI1 Gushing Spring is a very important point for "grounding" or applying finger pressure at as this will naturally give you the edge of curing your hot flashes. Pressing here will help create a calm state and eventually keep you calm as you notice to relieve yourself of hot flashes.
How to Find the Point:
This point is located on the sole of the foot. Slide your finger along the bottom of your foot, underneath the "pads." Between the pads of the big toe and the second toe, you'll find a little depression or hollow. Press until you find a point that is very sensitive. Hold or massage that point for several minutes.
Make sure to repeat the same process of applying pressure using your finger on the other foot. This helps create the balance in curing you of your problem with hot flashes. Refer to the picture above this article for more information and accuracy in finding your pressure point in the foot for curing your hot flashes.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Quirino Grandstand hostage taking being revived by families of hostage victims

It so came again, the 1 year old Quirino Grandstand hostage taking. This is according to the news tonight over in TV Patrol. The families of the Hong Kong nationals whose loved ones died in the incident a year ago were looking to find justice for their family members.

Early on, the Philippine government through the deputy speaker Edwin Lacierda earlier said the Philippines do not want to be dragged over in Hong Kong politics. For more updates, you may also subscribe to us via Footprints subscription box below this post.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wading Off Relics of Tnomeralc Web Design Toys Challenge

Kabonfootprint declares support for this contest by tnomeralc and eriuqs. It's not dwayne wade of the nba, it is all about wading off or removing unnecessary links from the tnomeralc web design toys challenge. someone puts up some act on my entry so I had to see what caused it.

I saw some links that were generated for me automatically and since this is part of the contest, I decided to let it off and put it in the closet. There is no room to make any mistake because it is the last week of the contest and I don't want to be the last to realize that making a mistake is not allowed in the last week.

I may have been done bad by someone but the best thing is I am still there and fighting till the last minute. I am doing a little tweak and hope this makes it to the last 3 days so I can reassure my entry to take the top position once more in the soon to finish race. - Tnomeralc Web Design ToysEriuqs Spires Healthy Recreation

Monday, March 30, 2009

Challenging the Odds and Beating Myself

The Kabon Footprint did not pursue and this time, I am after the new SEO contest titled as Tnomeralc Web Design Toys. I am after not joining but helping a friend and helping him get to the top of the result with this challenge.

He almost took Kabon Footprint by storm and now this is somthing new. We all want a piece of the action sometimes and this is the time to do that. But what strilkes me most prompting me not to join in is the fact that when you get in to a contest, it means that you will have lesser time for your own sites so I did not.

I know that there is still a chance that I may be able to help at least on my own way so this is it. I will not join but will help a friend.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Captivating Capiz Post

Captivating Capiz is soon going to end and all the participants on the top 20 I bet is going nuts over the results especially those who are on the top 5 spots. This is where everything goes for all of them I bet and that includes an entry this blog is supporting for the captivating Capiz. May the best SEO win this one. Good luck to all!

Monday, August 4, 2008

KabonFootprint Killer

KabonFootprint News - The announcement got to me late today but I would like to see if this short post will make it to anywhere I need to be today. I am a level 22 killer and I kill all and leave no footprint. My name is Kabon G. Footprint and I am hoping to see more of you here so I can kill more and more each day.

We all want to win this contest by U.K. Webmasterworld but I want it more. Kabonfootprint seo contest 2008 is all about who want's to win more and not just about winning and leaving an effective footprint that can really destroy Kabon.

Don't leave me, Kabon and leave your footprint because if I find that kabonfootprint, I will kill you from there. A lvel 22 killer is someone who kills without prejudice and with freaking power over his assassination plots.

So who will stop me now? Can you really follow the 2008 Kabonfootprint that I will leave and take it to the future for some analysis of your own? I bet not because the footprint of me, Kabon will soon be nowhere to be found. We are using this free hosting domain and I know personally that this might just not make it to where we want this to be.

The only point is to leave something that will linger for so long because a Kabonfootprint is something that will always be there but you will not be able to see it. It will hide in your memory and will not allow to be archived because the crime of the century is out to prove that her hunger is much more powerful than all your SEO Efforts combined in the kabonfootprint SEO contest 2008.

So the question remains unsolved and the crime of the century that will kill all kabonfootprint ers will remain a secret forever. Do your best as I did in my killing spree as level 22 psycho killer explodes into a level 25. Allow me to see all your kabonfootprint traces and I will kill you. "BEWARE".

Kabonfootprint 2008 - Kabon's Footprint

Kabonfootprint 2008 joins the world SEO contest by U.K. Webmasterworld. I am female hormoned kabonfootprint contestant and I want to win this one with the help of my long tail abilities in foolowing footprints of Kabons out there. So if you are a Kabonfootprint contestant and you also want to join in here, you better be careful, a level 22 killer is out there to take your lives and kill you like a freak does in his profiler chronicles from the EUPDepartment.

The police can not do anything about the killings and they cannot find the kabonfootprint that I will leave because it is an invisible footprint and is not really intended to be seen by the naked eye. I am Kabon, a supposedly female killer of level 22 skills and will get you if you decide to join this contest so if I were you I will not allow myself to be killed by a mindless serial killer from the Kabon family. I am targetting all SEOs who will join here in the Kabonfootprint world SEO contest.

What will I use in my murders will not be revealed here but instead, I want to see how the best amongst you will find out about my tactics. I am a professional in the field of killing kabonfootprint as well as finding the long tail of kabonfootorint jockeys who ride that blog posts that I have here. I am warning you, I will trace it and I will get to you at whatever cost there is for me to do just to prove that I am really good at my work. The work of a professional kabonfootprint killer is something new to the EUPDepartment so no one will be able to help you even if you scream yourself to death.

I will find you, I will kill you and I will win this kabonfootprint SEO contest ast whatever legal and white as snow tactic that I know so be really careful of others who are out to ruin your entries and not from me, the kabonfootprint white hatter. There are those who played it gray in the last world SEO contest and this has been proven time and again so we all want to be there when the storm comes to life.

Most of all, be really careful of what you do to your entries to the kabonfootprint. Those who use malice will use malice and they make the mistake to enter my domain, it will be their end. folow kabonfootprint 2008 and save yourself from the hands of a level 22 killer on the loose - me.