Monday, August 4, 2008

KabonFootprint Killer

KabonFootprint News - The announcement got to me late today but I would like to see if this short post will make it to anywhere I need to be today. I am a level 22 killer and I kill all and leave no footprint. My name is Kabon G. Footprint and I am hoping to see more of you here so I can kill more and more each day.

We all want to win this contest by U.K. Webmasterworld but I want it more. Kabonfootprint seo contest 2008 is all about who want's to win more and not just about winning and leaving an effective footprint that can really destroy Kabon.

Don't leave me, Kabon and leave your footprint because if I find that kabonfootprint, I will kill you from there. A lvel 22 killer is someone who kills without prejudice and with freaking power over his assassination plots.

So who will stop me now? Can you really follow the 2008 Kabonfootprint that I will leave and take it to the future for some analysis of your own? I bet not because the footprint of me, Kabon will soon be nowhere to be found. We are using this free hosting domain and I know personally that this might just not make it to where we want this to be.

The only point is to leave something that will linger for so long because a Kabonfootprint is something that will always be there but you will not be able to see it. It will hide in your memory and will not allow to be archived because the crime of the century is out to prove that her hunger is much more powerful than all your SEO Efforts combined in the kabonfootprint SEO contest 2008.

So the question remains unsolved and the crime of the century that will kill all kabonfootprint ers will remain a secret forever. Do your best as I did in my killing spree as level 22 psycho killer explodes into a level 25. Allow me to see all your kabonfootprint traces and I will kill you. "BEWARE".

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